Photo credit to  Viktor Budnik

Photo credit to Viktor Budnik

Erin McKenzie Photography

At the core of everything I do, I am a storyteller, and I believe that every person has a fascinating story that should be told. Photography has granted me a way to capture these stories and share them. I am always so humbled when given the chance to do this.

My background in Cinematography and having grown up all over the country has given me a unique perspective on photography and storytelling, and a way to give back to people who do so much. If you are a Veteran or a First Responder, be sure to ask about our special discounts.

I am also a Yellow Ribbon Photographer, which is a program that provides free photography for our men and women in uniform. Be sure to click the link to the left to learn more.

I look forward to hearing from you about your story. Contact me HERE to start your special chapter.