Choosing a Location

No matter what the occasion is, choosing a location for your shoot is an important part of the process. It doesn't have to be stressful, though! Here are some tips I have collected that make for a successful shoot in a great location.

  • Find somewhere that compliments the occasion. If it's a portrait of a soccer player, chances are you don't want to shoot under the pier. (Or maybe you do- see the next tip!) If it's an engagement shoot, a location that means something to the couple is going to make you feel the most comfortable.
  • Choose a location that reflects your personality. If you're a surfer and spend every spare moment at the beach (even if you're a soccer player), under the pier might be the place for you. If you volunteer at the soup kitchen, a more urban location might be fitting. If you like the quirky and unique, a farmer's market or flea market could be fun. The options are endless, but should make you feel comfortable and like you're having fun.


  • Explore your city. There are some wonderful, unique gems in every city. I'm based in Los Angeles, and have seen some very fun locations. The Old Zoo at Griffith Park, Hidden Treasures Thrift Store in Topanga Canyon, the graffiti murals on Melrose Ave are just a couple of the locations I've been able to shoot, and they all offer their own personality.
  • Keep in mind any restrictions. A lot of places will require photographers to have permits to shoot there. While some permits are only $10 or so, there are locations that require a much more expensive permit. If you're unsure, ask your photographer if this is an issue.
  • Ask your photographer for their opinion. Don't be afraid to talk to them. Often, they will have several suggestions. At the same time, don't be worried if you don't choose something from the options they give you. 
  • Have fun! This might be the most important one on the list. Your photos will be memories and keepsakes for years to come, and you should love everything about them. 
Erin PooleComment