Photographing a Military Session (and Why You Need a Photographer)

Homecomings after training or deployment are a wonderful and emotional event. It's a special moment, and you'll want to remember the event without stress and just being able to focus on you and your service member. Other popular sessions are in the days leading up to deployment and can be a wonderful way to make memories, as well. Here are some tips about how to make the most of these sessions so that you can focus on saying "Welcome home!" or "Come home soon!"

  • Share as much information as you can with your photographer. We know that all information is fluid. Dates change, times change, and so on. Keep your photographer as up to date as you can with the location and dates and any restrictions they should be aware of. Be aware that your photographer may need to contact your service member's line of command to make sure they have all paperwork they need.
  • It's okay if there aren't many posed photos during the homecoming. It happens quickly and is an emotional and happy time. A lot of great candids will come from this, but if you'd like some more of the posed photographs, schedule a post homecoming sessions once everyone is settled in and you've had time to breathe.
  • Dress however you like. Be comfortable, be glamorous, be everything in between. It's up to you what will make you feel best in the moment. The important part of the photos will be capturing you and your service member reuniting.

Erin McKenzie Photography offers free photography for military members, first responders, and their families, so please reach out if you are interested in a session!


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